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23rd Feb 201715th Feb 2018

Holiday in Mozambique. Family Easter sunshine.

A few months into the New Year and it’s just about time to start planning your next family holiday to soak up the last of the summer sunshine before the winter months approach. A holiday in Mozambique is just what your family needs at one of our top family-friendly locations. With its 2500km long coastline...

6th Dec 201615th Feb 2018

Mozambique honeymoon | Destination selection

Labelled one of the most romantic destinations in the world, there could be no better way to commence love, laughter and happily ever after than with a Mozambique honeymoon. We present you with the latest honeymoon packages and Mozambique accommodation specials, all tailored to let you and the love of your life have the time...

9th Nov 20169th Oct 2019

Mozambique honeymoon packages | Love is in the air

Brides and grooms to be, we present you with the most marvellous Mozambique honeymoon packages so you can write a significant part of your love story at one of the most dreamy locations on earth. Unparalleled privacy Your honeymoon marks that meaningful joining of two halves of the same soul and it offers a rare...

27th Oct 201615th Feb 2018

Holiday packages to Mozambique | North or South?

Holiday packages to Mozambique | North or South? We travel, not to escape life, but for life to not escape us; and holiday packages to Mozambique present a golden opportunity to escape the daily grind and enjoy the fun side of life. With an abundance of sun and balmy weather all year round, Mozambique is...

27th Sep 201627th Aug 2018

Mozambique holiday specials. 5 Star luxury awaits

You & your loved ones could soak up the sun & enjoy azure blue oceans & pristine white beaches with these amazing Mozambique holiday specials at one of three secluded, luxury venues: Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort, Diamonds Mequfi Beach Resort & the Ossimba Beach Lodge. We explore the main features & attractions of each of...

11th Apr 20169th Oct 2019

Mozambique Wild-life taking in the fresh air

Mozambique has long been a hidden gem. Most people travel there to relax and take advantage of the pristine beautiful powder-sand beaches and crystalline aqua blue Warm Ocean being unaware of the other hidden gems that you can appreciate and experience to make your holiday one to remember! A perfect example of these hidden gems...

2nd Mar 201615th Feb 2018

A Taste of Mozambique, Why Not?

A Taste of Mozambique, Why Not? We spend our busy lives trekking in and out of the city every day and visiting other cities. Learning of other cultures is great however wouldn’t you prefer a taste of Mozambique? The capital of Mozambique is Maputo with a vibrant blend of Portuguese architecture, the well-known Mercado Municipal...

11th Feb 201615th Feb 2018

Modern meets Rustic. Barefoot luxury awaits.

Wait can you hear it now? The squeaky white sand, the rustling palms and the sultry rhythm of a unique Afro-Portuguese culture? Can you taste the fresh salty seafood? Luxury is calling. Rustic can be luxurious. With us as South African’s, experiencing loadshedding on a continuous basis, wouldn’t it be nice to actually take advantage...

2nd Dec 20159th Oct 2019

Checklist For Travelling To Mozambique From South Africa

Congratulations! The hot Mozambiquan sunshine beckons and laughter and lapping waves await. Snorkels are packed, sun block and hats but you could forfeit your holiday because you forgot something? A trip to Mozambique from South Africa is your dream holiday, but with all the new travel requirements, you need to have your checklist for travelling....