Modern meets Rustic. Barefoot luxury awaits.

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Wait can you hear it now? The squeaky white sand, the rustling palms and the sultry rhythm of a unique Afro-Portuguese culture?

Can you taste the fresh salty seafood? Luxury is calling.

Rustic can be luxurious. With us as South African’s, experiencing loadshedding on a continuous basis, wouldn’t it be nice to actually take advantage of the sounds and smells of Mozambique in a truly luxurious setting, instead of the beeping of angry drivers and smell of exhaust fumes?

You can star gaze and snorkel to your heart’s content, leaving the hustle and bustle behind you.
You deserve to feel just a little bit exceptional in paradise.

Massinga Beach will give you complete silence from 12h00 to 18h00 and if a luxurious Ocean Front Room with your own private splash pool and rain shower does not speak luxury, you will be missing out.

Here you have the rustic rambling beach walks and beach picnics, where you can sample and taste the delights of warm coconut bread and freshly caught seafood while enjoying your own little piece of heaven.

Here where rustic meets luxury; relaxing, tranquillity and escapism are your only intention and doing as little or as much as your heart desires is your only concern. So come watch the galaxy, catch a glimpse of a whale and bask in the sun on the soft white sand and get the best of both worlds.

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