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9th Dec 20149th Dec 2014

Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort and Spa; The Peaceful Paradise

Off the coast of Mozambique, amongst the small cluster of islands known as the Bazaruto Archipelago, is the home of Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort and Spa. These bleached beaches and calming turquoise water are amongst Africa’s (if not the world’s) most pristine and admired coastlines. The national park status of the Bazaruto Archipelago offers protection...

18th Apr 201318th Apr 2013

Mozambique Honeymoons: Romantic Recommendations

You have spent months and possibly over a year planning your wedding, getting all the details sorted out and sticking to strict budgets. Somewhere amidst all of that, perhaps you have had some time to think about your honeymoon…

18th Apr 20133rd Sep 2019

Mozambique in the Dry Months

As with any coastal town that experiences summer rainfall, there are always various pros and cons to deciding upon which time of the year to visit. Fortunately with a country as versatile as Mozambique you are offered numerous activities throughout the year. With winter fast approaching one can expect an average temperature of approximately 27°C:...

18th Feb 201318th Feb 2013

December holiday destinations

It’s only February, but picture this: waves lapping at your feet whilst you sip on a colourful cocktail, snorkelling in warm tropical waters, feasting on fishy meals and relaxing in lavish accommodation. Sounds dreamy, doesn’t it? Mozambique has become one of the most popular December holiday destinations for both South Africans and international tourists. So...

14th Jan 201314th Jan 2013

Tailored packages for a marriage proposal getaway to Mozambique

There are few things quite as romantic, as ocean waves lapping at ones feet, whilst enjoying a delicious dinner at a sunset table, on the beach. For the entire month of February, we are offering a 50 % discount for your partner when you stay at Indigo Bay Island Resort & Spa, PLUS: Sparkling wine...

10th Dec 20129th Oct 2019

Easter Holidays in Mozambique: top 3 resort suggestions

Easter is a time for family, friends and fun. Add sea, snorkelling, diving, beach, cocktails and luxury into that equation and you have yourself one memorable holiday lined up. Mozambique is certainly an admired destination. In fact throughout the year, tourists from across the globe, visit its vividly striking shores. 

21st Nov 201221st Nov 2012

An African Family Holiday in Mozambique

Whether you are South African or from another continent completely, taking a family break away should almost always include beach, sun and plenty of fun. When you think of an African family holiday, Mozambique might not be the first visual that comes to mind, it is however one of the most enjoyable places for a...

19th Nov 20129th Oct 2019

Valentine’s Holiday Destination in Mozambique

Roses and chocolates although romantic, are a more traditional Valentine’s Day gift. Why not get interesting in 2013 and take Valentine’s Day to an entirely different country. Mozambique is quite spectacular in that it encompasses romance, adventure and unbelievable scenery just next door to South Africa. A Valentine’s holiday to Mozambique will not only put...