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Congratulations! The hot Mozambiquan sunshine beckons and laughter and lapping waves await. Snorkels are packed, sun block and hats but you could forfeit your holiday because you forgot something?

A trip to Mozambique from South Africa is your dream holiday, but with all the new travel requirements, you need to have your checklist for travelling.

Here are our top tips and list of advice to make sure you are sipping cocktails and wriggling your toes in the sand in no time.

Checklist for travelling:

When travelling to Mozambique you need to have your passport at hand and it will need to have an expiry that is more than 6 months. You will also need to apply for your VISA, this is strictly controlled on entry into the country. South African Passport holders fortunately do not require Visas when visiting Mozambique for tourism!

Make sure that you take anti-malaria tablets when visiting Mozambique as a precaution. There are no vaccinations needed for your holiday in the sun. Also remember to check with your medical aid to ensure your family are covered while out of the country.

Taking the scenic route and going by car?
Remember that Border visas are only issued to people travelling for purposes of tourism and are valid for 30days. At the border you will need to fill in a DA341 form and declare any camping equipment, fridges, fishing gear etc. On entry you will have to pay a levy on both your passport as well as a road tax levy.

You will also need to have your vehicle registration papers (this includes your trailer) as well as special compulsory 3rd party insurance for both your car and trailer in addition to your proof of insurance in the form of a letter from your insurance company.

Our top tip is to keep your licence and vehicle papers on you at all times. Get your black and white ZA sticker ahead of time and make sure you pack two red warning triangles.

Without all the necessary documentation, stickers and gear you will be spending the holidays at home with some very unhappy family members, who will wish they were relaxing in the Mozambique sunshine.

Additional “travel with kids checklist”

Besides your little one’s hat, sunblock, malaria prevention and favourite teddy The Department of Home Affairs in South Africa recently announced new regulations for child travellers.

Under the new regulations parents travelling with children are required to produce an unabridged birth certificate for children under the age of 18. This is in addition to the child passport. The new regulations apply to all travel across South African borders: inbound, outbound and transit, make sure you have the right documents or you will never make it out of the country.

What to pack when travelling

With all the excitement we know that things do sometimes get overlooked, so we have compiled a short checklist for travelling to Mozambique.

Print this list to make sure you get to your destination and have a lovely and unspoilt time.

Have I packed? Checklist
Passports and VISA’s Yes/No
Costumes Yes/No
Sandals Yes/No
Beach Hat Yes/No
Aqua socks Yes/No
Goggles and snorkels Yes/No
Camera (waterproof) Yes/No
Suntan creams Yes/No
Insect repellent Yes/No
Antihistamine creams Yes/No
Personal medication Yes/No
Light rain coat (it is December) Yes/No

Fun in the sun is calling, the time has arrived. Get packing, with everything you must take and enjoy sun kissed beaches, aqua blue ocean, Scuba Diving and Snorkelling, Fishing, bird life and more this December holiday.