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If you are one for the extreme and like to de-stress by getting the adrenalin pumping… If diving, fishing, kayaking, snorkelling, sailing, horse riding and swimming with dolphins are on your bucket list…

The only hard decision as an adventurer in Mozambique is. North or South?

Mozambique is well known for its abundance and variety of beaches, clear waters and wild life and with the amount of choice sometimes as an adventurer it is tough to know where to go to get your adrenalin fix.

We have found 2 perfect places which will give you what you need. The adventure and the added rest (should that be on your list of things to do)

Offered for the water enthusiast, who is looking to spend some quite time and keep your wife happy Rio-Azul “Blue River.” in the North, offers fishing galore, the chance to see the rare dugong, sea kayaking, snorkelling and for your Mrs… a sundowner cruise on a local Dhow to stay in her good books while you tell her about the one that got away.

The lodge faces west and enjoys spectacular sunsets in a quiet and peaceful setting of your own personal untouched paradise of the endlessly blue estuary.

Ponta Mamoli in the south, offers the water and land adventurer an eclectic mix of fun and adrenaline, no matter what your skill level. Should you have over done it a little an unforgettable massage to rest those muscles is in order.

Adventures on selection are dive school courses from beginner to advanced. Why not enjoy a tidal session? Galloping along a bush trail on horseback you will see spectacular views from really high up for a breath taking experience and if you fancy a bit more of a challenge kayak through the rocky coves and explore the bay.
Whatever drives your inner adventurer, North and South are designed to ease your muscles and relax your body and your mind.