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2nd Jun 20109th Oct 2019

The Geography of Mozambique

Mozambique, officially called the Republic of Mozambique, is situated along the south east coast of Africa. It is accompanied by the warm Indian Ocean and 2500 kilometres of pristine coastline. Mozambique borders on South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia and Tanzania. The Zambezi River divides the country into two topographical regions and overall Mozambique covers...

4th May 201017th Aug 2018

Beach holidays in Mozambique

There is nothing like a holiday at the sea. That is the sentiment of many local South African residing in the land locked provinces of South Africa, which accounts for the migration to the beautiful beaches along Kwazulu Natal Coastline during the national school holidays.

16th Mar 201027th Aug 2018

Adventure Sports in Mozambique

Picture this. You are planning to go to Mozambique for a mid-summer getaway. You decide to stay in one (or two) of the island resorts and beach hotels; chosen from the very diverse accommodation options available.

28th Jan 20107th Oct 2019

Getting to Mozambique – Visas and Travel Tips

When traveling from South Africa (or overseas) to Mozambique, there are a number of things to keep in mind with regards to what to take and how to prepare according to the means of transportation you plan on using.