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When traveling from South Africa (or overseas) to Mozambique, there are a number of things to keep in mind with regards to what to take and how to prepare according to the means of transportation you plan on using.

Visas and Passports

If you are a South African passport holder, you are no longer required to obtain a visa when traveling to Mozambique. Holders of other passports are able to obtain visas for Mozambique in advance; although this can be arranged on arrival in Mozambique. Mozambique GSA will be able to assist you in this regard.

Driving Travel Tips

It is recommended that you travel inside of Mozambique with a 4X4 or a vehicle with a high ground clearance especially if traveling between towns or taking the scenic route. It is also suggested that you have a DIY puncture repair kit that is able to inflate the tyre.

If you are planning on traveling at night you should have a spare head light globe. If possible it would be best to travel in a diesel vehicle as petrol is not a common commodity in Mozambique. A chevron board is required when traveling in Mozambique and a ZA sticker before passing through the borders.
You will need your ownership papers as well as proof of insurance; you will also be required to pay per vehicle that travels through the border.

For those who are keen to drive, but are concerned about road conditions, most of the lodges in the South of Mozambique, closer to the border, offer a border pick-up and a safe lock up facility for your car at the border.


When flying-in please ensure that you collect your luggage as soon as possible and be sure to keep it close to you as the airports in Mozambique are small, and can be very busy.

Mozambique GSA are able to secure specially reduced air fares on all of the airlines that fly to the different areas of Mozambique. Contact us directly to book your flights and fly-in packages.

Vaccinations and Medications

There is no need to get vaccinated when traveling to Mozambique. It is however advisable to take Malaria tablets before traveling.

If you are taking schedule medication ensure you take a original copy of your script as well as a letter from your doctor stating your condition in case of an emergency.

Extra tips

It is advisable to take warm clothes to wear even in summer as this also helps to protect against the insects, which are in full force as soon as the sun sets beyond the horizon.

It’s recommend you bring along the following: insect repellent, suntan and blockout creams, immodium, and antihistamine creams. A mosquito net is also highly recommended and should be left down for a good portion of the day.

Local Currency is the metical although the South African Rand and US dollar are also accepted currencies at many of the major island resorts and lodges. Contact Mozambique GSA for a list of hotels which offer this service.

Getting to Mozambique with Mozambique GSA

For more information on getting to Mozambique and for extra travel tips please contact us on 011 476 4143 or email us at INFO@MOZAMBIQUEISLANDS.COM
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