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When traveling to Mozambique from South Africa or anywhere else in the world, there are a number of things to keep in mind and therefore make preparations for.

In Mozambique the unit of currency is the Metical (plural Meticais), however US Dollars and South African Rands (ZAR) are the more readily accepted currencies at the hotels and resorts and many of the tourist destinations. For more information on where what currency is accepted at the resort you intend on staying at contact Mozambique GSA here >>

Passports and Visas
Visas for Mozambique are no longer required by South African Passport holders. Other passport holders can obtain Visas in advance, or even on arrival in Mozambique.

Health Precautions
No special vaccinations are required when traveling to Mozambique or any of it’s islands. As a precaution it is, however, recommended that Malaria tablets be taken before your expected trip. For advice and prescriptions please contact your local doctor or pharmacist.

General Advice
It is a good idea to drink bottled water in Mozambique expect perhaps at the very upmarket resorts. Mozambique GSA recommends taking along insect repellent (for mosquitoes), sun protection and blockout creams, immodium, Malaria tablets and antihistamine tablets (if you suffer from sinus problems and hay fever).

There are many regional variations in Mozambique, but generally the hot, rainy summer season is from October to March with the average daily high hitting 31°C (88°F). The dry season generally runs from April to September, when the average daily high can still reach temperatures of about 27°C (80°F) along the coast and on the islands, while it is somewhat cooler inland.

Transportation and Traveling inland
Traveling overland in Mozambique needs to be done in a 4×4 vehicle as the terrain between towns is very rugged. Also a diesel vehicle will be better suited as petrol is not a common commodity. ZA stickers and chevron boards also required if traveling from South Africa across the borders. Some of the lodges can be accessed directly by car such as Barra Lodge.

Transportation to the Island Destinations

If you plan on flying into Mozambique, there are of ways of accessing the resorts and hotels depending on which one you are intending to visit. Some of the lodges offer bus transfer to the harbour from which guests are taken to the resort by boat eg Marlin Lodge. Other lodges that have landing strips nearby may provide air transfers either in light aircraft from Maputo or direct eg Benguerra Lodge, Indigo Bay, Azura, Matemo Resort and Medjumbe Resort.

For more information on resort transfers and travel arrangements contact Mozambique GSA.

Travelling to Mozambique with Mozambique GSA
Mozambique GSA as a company has been trading since 1994 and is highly knowledge when it comes to Mozambique as a tourist destination. We offer professional service and are able to provide tailor-made packages to the resorts of your choice.

We also have IT Airfares (inclusive tour airfares) available to Maputo, Vilankulo and Pemba.

Within our accommodation portfolio we have over 22 listed hotels and beach or island resorts and are able to secure great packages, both fly-in and accommodation or accommodation only, at one or more of these resorts.

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For more information contact us on 011 476 4143 or email us at INFO@MOZAMBIQUEISLANDS.COM

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