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Mozambique holiday beach resorts offer a wide variety of activities for holiday makers that frequent the South East African country. Amongst the more diverse activities are water sports which include fishing – game as well as deep sea; windsurfing, kayaking and more popularly the magnificent underwater experience of scuba diving.

Many a diving expert will agree that Mozambique offers some of the best diving spots in Southern Africa. The mapped out dive sites are not over populated which ensure the magnificent coral reefs remain un-spoilt, and the fish life in the warm Indian Ocean currents are both varied and abundant. The pristine ocean beds and coral reefs are home to hundreds of different species of marine life ranging from turtles, dolphins, sharks, whales and manta rays, to shrimps, barracuda, mackerel and sea horses.

Perfect Sea Conditions for Scuba Diving

Diving conditions in Mozambique are close to perfect. The best time of year for diving is in the summer months of January and February although all year round diving is 100% possible. Water temperatures range from 22 to 31 degrees Celsius between the summer and winter months. Visibility is an average of 15 metres across the board but can range between 5 and 35 metres depending on the condition of the sea at the time and the amount of plankton in the water.

Great Resort Diving Sites

The Bazaruto Archipelago is well known for its scuba diving locations which include the following:

  • Brindle Bass Ridge at a depth of 18 metres
  • Manta Ray Reef – a flat reef of 15 metres
  • Potholes which consists of a series of shallow potholes at 12 metres
  • Rainbow Runner Reef at a depth of 25 metres
  • Turtle Ridge is a narrow ridge at 14 metres deep that is home to turtles and many species of game-fish
  • Two-Mile Reef is to the east of Benguerra (2 miles) and provides for great snorkelling inside the reef and for adventurous dives on the outside (6-21 metres).

At Barra Lodge a completely different environment is offered by the private Barra Lagoon near the mangrove swamps which has its own unique eco system. Snorkeling trips are also available from the lodge.

Other great diving sites include Inhaca Island, Indigo Bay and Pemba Beach.
Many of the dive operations in Mozambique are run by South Africans, who are both friendly and qualified professionals.

Booking accommodation at a scuba diving facilitated resort

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