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8th Mar 201117th Aug 2018

Mozambique, the paradise on your doorstep

Often we South Africans forget about what there is waiting for us just beyond our own shores. We are quick to make decisions to visit countries abroad and laze on their beaches and enjoy their culture and traditions

4th Mar 20113rd Sep 2019

Mozambique accommodation this Easter

It’s almost Easter and for many that means a few days off from work and time to relax. With beach, sun, scuba diving, sand and numerous other activities for people of all ages, Mozambique has become one of the most popular holiday destinations in Africa.

18th Jan 20113rd Sep 2019

Holidays in Mozambique this April

One of the best things about the Southern Hemisphere is that there never really is a bad time of the year to travel. There are of course cooler regions that can get uncomfortable but with places like Mozambique

11th Jan 20117th Oct 2019

Mozambique holidays: off peak specials in paradise

It is next to impossible to go away in December and try find some sort of peace and quiet to relax in. When schools are on holiday and the holiday seasons are upon us, holiday destinations fill up, beaches become populated and accommodation can be difficult to find.

10th Dec 20103rd Sep 2019

Mozambique holidays this Valentines

Valentine’s Day has always been about roses, chocolates and cards. The same idea each year but perhaps with a new twist. With Valentine’s Day just a few short months away, it’s time to start thinking about what to do.