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Mozambique in the Dry Months

As with any coastal town that experiences summer rainfall, there are always various pros and cons to deciding upon which time of the year to visit. Fortunately with a country as versatile as Mozambique you are offered numerous activities throughout the year.

With winter fast approaching one can expect an average temperature of approximately 27°C: hardly a deterrent for the water sports enthusiast, especially considering the fact that June is known to be the best month for dolphin sightings.

Scuba Diving

With the water visibility sitting at around 25m, it is understandable why Mozambique is considered to be one of the premium dive destinations around the world. Never mind the various species of dolphins, whales, sharks and turtles that frequent the exotic Mozambiquan coastline. Some of the more notable diving locations are considered to be:

  • Bazaruto Archipelago (which has been compared to the likes of the Great Barrier Reef
  • Inhambane District (Tofo, Barra and Gunjata)
  • Quirimbas Archipelago National Park

Each location is well known for offering its own unique variety of marine species.

Understandably diving is not an activity for everybody. Fortunately this paradise has a lot more to offer. Mozambique has some fantastic museums such as the National Art Museum and the Museum of the Revolution, these are both byproducts of Mozambique’s rich and diverse history, and are well worth a visit.

Winter Fishing

The winter months are also known for their big game fishing and the trophy fish that are often pulled out of the crystal clear water. Bazaruto is considered to be the favored fishing destination with sailfish being the most prominent trophy fish to be caught throughout the winter months.

Portuguese Influenced Cuisine

Throughout Mozambique you will find constant reminders of the Portuguese colonizers. This influence is very prominent in the cuisine offered throughout the country. There are numerous locally owned beachside restaurants that offer exquisitely prepared sea food and poultry, often with a delicious per-peri twist.

With everything Mozambique has to offer, it is clear to see why so many tourists flock to the pristine shores at every available opportunity. The lodges around Mozambique will raise and lower their prices in accordance with the seasons. Despite the higher rates you will still be getting everything you pay for and more! It truly is a holiday destination worth visiting.

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