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Whether you are South African or from another continent completely, taking a family break away should almost always include beach, sun and plenty of fun. When you think of an African family holiday, Mozambique might not be the first visual that comes to mind, it is however one of the most enjoyable places for a family with young or older children to relax and unwind.

Mozambique encompasses outdoor activities, luxury accommodation and of course pristine coastline. When you think of a family holiday, what do you envision? Early morning swims in a pool overlooking the ocean? Breakfast buffets? Swimming with dolphins? Scuba diving or snorkeling? How about game drives, coastal tours, water adventures or getting treatments done at the spa? A holiday in Mozambique offers families a retreat amidst paradise.

The Best Time of Year for an African Family Holiday in Mozambique

With the hot, rainy season being between October and March usually families opt for this time of the year as it offers warm days and rainy relief in the evenings. Temperatures reach up to 31°C daily, providing the ideal opportunities to enjoy mornings and afternoons.

Families also enjoy the cooler, dryer parts of the year. From April to September, temperatures reach highs of about 27°C along the coast, whilst inland, temperatures are often somewhat cooler.

Getting to Mozambique

Although it is very possible to drive to the more southern areas of Mozambique, it is recommended that families fly to the less easily accessible areas further north: Vilanculos and the Bazaruto Islands, and Pemba and the Quirimbas Islands.

Families with younger children might also find it easier to fly. The less time it takes to travel, the more time there is to enjoy the holiday.

Health Precautions

No vaccinations are required when travelling to Mozambique but travellers should certainly visit their family doctor in advance in order to get a prescription for malaria tablets. Drinking water is not always recommended and guests should always carry Imodium tablets with them.

African family holidays to Mozambique offer all sorts of adventure and experiences. From cultural interactions and food, to memorable moments as a family unit. Mozambique is the perfect location for an African family holiday.

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