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It is always nice to get away with the family and share in creating childhood memories, we talk the best family holiday destinations to make lasting memories and give you that stress free feeling.

You can afford the break you deserve, see how as South African’s you can take refuge from spiraling international prices and jam packed game reserves and beaches.

With the year drawing to a close, you must be asking yourself: what are the best family holiday destinations available for you and your family?

You have been working hard all year round; you deserve a great and affordable destination to just relax, without the strain of our always switched-on world. The only people entitled to give you a headache should be your children.

However when you look at the options available you need to take into account the best child friendly holidays for you and your family. Take the stress out of crowded beaches as well as driving in the car all day and choose serenity.

Looking to the untamed and untouched pristine beaches is now a reality, where your children can splash in the cool water while you sip on an ice cold beverage while taking in the laughter, lapping waves and warm sunshine.

We all know that holidaying in South Africa has become an expensive exercise and is no longer the stress-free experience families are looking for.

As an example you could end up spending a fortune in the Kruger Park, drive all day and end up in a traffic jam, which in turn leads to your children driving you crazy with questions like are we done yet and the inevitable statements mom I am bored and I want to go home.

Would you rather have smiling faces and adventures galore?

Aqua blue sea adventures await where you can spend hours in the cool water, snorkeling and discovering another world.

There are plenty of “fresh-air” activities that will leave the whole family enjoying an afternoon siesta, and you will have a restful snooze knowing that your children are close and safe without them being in your bed.

Evening will be spent, after gorging on fresh sea food, star gazing and planning with excitement the next day’s adventures, in and under the sea.

Rock pools await for discovery and splashes. One of the best and affordable all inclusive holidays for families beckons, where the energy in the air gives a magical adventure for your family and is perfect for a quick weekend away.

Harmony will be felt in your household and adventure will be at its best with the open ocean, dune forests and full-of-life estuaries. Wooden walk ways and private decks await you.

Go on spoil yourself, get your children out of your hair and dare to take a step further into Mozambique for the holiday of a lifetime. Nestle in the coolness of the forest with your own private splash pool, on the beach.

Take in the endless sunshine. Mozambique is a South African’s best kept secret from overseas visitors that you and your children will love to share.