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The best gift you can give each other as newlyweds, after love, are great memories. The perfect start is through a honeymoon romance in the best honeymoon destination in the world.
We all dream of being in paradise with our soulmates; unwinding (especially after all the wedding stress) by starting your new day with a stunning sunrise and taking in picturesque blue oceans touched with pinks and purples at sunset, can you hear the sound of the ocean lapping at your door?
Planning the best honeymoon in the world requires putting action to an idea. We must admit though that the task of planning for a honeymoon can be daunting. It is a once in a lifetime experience with the love of your life and it is great that you want it to be the perfect start to the new life you are starting together as husband and wife.

  1.  To make it perfect, plan your honeymoon as early as possible
  2.  Choose the perfect destination together
  3. Start shopping early for all your honeymoon trip
  4. Set your budget to avoid any overspending
  5.  Choose the right honeymoon vacation date (depart a day or two after the wedding)
  6. Brainstorm ideal romantic activities to make special memories
  7.  Shop around for great honeymoon deals
  8. Have a checklist (remember to pack your camera and costumes)
  9.  Apply for a visa well in advance
  10.  Consult your Doctor to see if you need any vaccinations
  11. Get travel insurance for just in case

Most important is location, location, location.

An ideal honeymoon paradise is one which offers privacy, your own private island. Look no further than the Medjumbe Island. Located in Quirimbas Archipelago, Mozambique, Medjumbe is the best place to visit for honeymoon. With an area size of 1 km in length and 500 metres width you are guaranteed a personalised and luxurious experience.
Private chalets come with their own private splash pools great for cooling off in the hot summer sun or taking a dip in the early evening to refresh your crisp salty warm skin. Gorge yourself on fresh seafood and champagne and spend the rest of your evening taking in the crystal clear sky and twinkling stars. Priceless memories and relaxation.
Medjumbe, with the wold’s richest coral reef offers a plethora of marine species in the crystal clear ocean. So when you are ready to venture a little further you can spend your days together finding a new world under the water (don’t forget to bring your underwater camera).
Start you new life as Mr & Mrs and own your own island for a week at least. Spending quality relaxing time with each other making lifetime memories and experiences that you can tell your grandchildren about one day.