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Each year keen scuba divers, snorkelers and ocean lovers flock to the South African coastlines to experience the annual Sardine Run. Between May and July, millions of sardines migrate over about 1000km towards the east coast of South Africa. Whilst moving along the coastline, it is their tremendous numbers that attract wildlife of all kind. It is this wildlife that then attracts guests from all over to experience the Sardine Run.

Mozambique is one of the last coastal points that the sardines move through before they spread further east into the Indian Ocean. Whilst moving in their large schools, they are spun together into a large ball by the Bottle Nose and Common Dolphin. Whilst these bait balls are the sardine’s way of grouping together when they feel threatened, other marine life uses them to their advantage. During the Sardine Run season, predators are on the hunt which means that scuba divers are on the look- out. Diving in Mozambique during the sardine run offers a host of different wildlife to be admired.

  • Bronze Whaler
  • Dusky Shark
  • Blacktip Shark
  • Spinner Shark
  • Zambezi Shark
  • Bluefish
  • King Mackerel
  • Kingfish species
  • Garrick
  • Geelbek
  • Tuna
  • Dolphins

July in Mozambique is an absolute visual feast for anyone who is interested in marine life and the wonders that come along with it. As the Sardine Run comes to an end towards this time of the year, Mozambiquian waters come alive, even more so than usual, with all kinds of animals from different levels of the food chain.

Mozambique is one of the most vibrant places to enjoy a tropical holiday but the Sardine Run creates even more of a buzz. Enjoying fresh sardines, caught directly from the beach or boats in Mozambique is an absolute treat.

For those who are not interested in admiring the underwater beauty, there are a number of other activities that can be enjoyed.

  • Water sports
  • Bird watching (especially interesting during the sardine run)
  • Horse riding
  • Game viewing
  • Fishing
  • Dhow cruises
  • Freshwater lakes

Accommodation in Mozambique

When staying in Mozambique, tourists get to experience an abundance of fun. The Sardine Run is a very exciting time of the year for many different reasons and it’s also the perfect time to spend with family and friends.

Accommodation in Mozambique can also contribute to the magical experience of the Sardine Run. With a large number of resorts available, there are plenty of luxury hotels, chalets and accommodations to choose from that make Mozambique as beautiful indoors as it is out.

For more information on booking accommodation in Mozambique during the 2011 Sardine Run, contact Mozambique GSA on +27 11 476 4143 or 27 83 299 4321