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Planning a family holiday can be stressful especially when you want to balance your interests and those of your spouse and children.

Having kids can be stressful and wonderful at the same time and every parent dreams of getting away, putting up their feet and enjoying a week or two of silence as the kids are too busy in the fresh air to ask all those questions like “when is the electric back on?” and “can I watch TV?” as well as share in the sibling love of “Mum… Dad… He won’t give my iPad back!” and “She started it!”

Well, stress-free is just a hop skip and a jump away. The school holidays are upon us and what better way to unwind and give the whole family a break than booking affordable family packages in Mozambique.

A kaleidoscope of tropical fish, magnificent corals, starfish and sea cucumbers await to keep the kids occupied for hours giving you time to enjoy some solitude and joy in watching their eyes light up at the wonders of the ocean in complete safety.

As a parent we spend days telling our kids to “put your shoes on”, this is no more, let all the everyday stress disappear while your eyes take in the vast white sand dunes surrounded on all sides by the crystal clear tropical ocean for an experience that is never to be forgotten.

A myriad of adventurous outdoor family activities await the kids to keep them entertained the whole holiday. From wonderful shore entry snorkelling spots to fresh water lakes and turtle nests to boat trips and beach picnics making for those memorable experiences of a lifetime this perfect family holiday package and special is not to be missed.

June to August is the best time to visit Mozambique with the kids as it offers the coolest temperatures and you won’t need to worry about nights of no sleeping due to the cooler evenings and all that fresh air! That doesn’t mean that you don’t have to still make sure the sun block is on as you definitely don’t want a situation of “cooked in Moz” and is on your list of items to pack, along with some coral exploring shoes, hats, the all-important swimming costumes and your camera.

You deserve a break and what better time than now (school holidays are for parents to) to journey to a place where minimal clothing is a must, adventure beckons and your only worry is choosing between the indoor games room or inviting fresh water swimming pools for the kids while you have a well-deserved spa and or the call of the outdoor walk up to the lighthouse, water-ski or banana boat rides to ending the fun filled day with a sundown trip on a magical Dhow.

Your a-framed thatched adventure awaits. Don’t miss out, school holidays have never been this memorable.

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