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Welcome to Sentidos Beach Retreat

“Between lake and sea”, among mangroves inhabited by exotic birds and the deep blue ocean once travelled by sailors and pirates, this retreat is a true oasis of water and blue hues that soothe the ardour of the African heat. Surrounded by an exuberant landscape, this retreat on the Mozambican coastline was designed for those who seek authenticity and tranquillity, as well as the pleasure of genuine experiences.

Sentidos Beach Retreat is located at Barra Beach, Inhambane, in Mozambique.

Intimate and informal, refined in the details and simplicity of an atmosphere in harmony with the surrounding nature, everything in this boutique address conjures tranquillity, a surrender to time and the elements and to a dolce far niente lulled by the sound of waves gently lapping against the sand. Inspired by the British colonial style, 12 villas with an attentive, customized service and local cuisine, this boutique hotel will make your visit memorable. Shaped as a large S, for Senses, spread across the sand between the Indian Ocean and a lagoon surrounded by coconut trees and mangroves, the resort’s architecture and outdoors are reminiscent of a natural, fluid and sensual organic matter enhanced by the scent of the exotic wood used in the lavish interiors.

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A building made of wood and sloped ceilings which, at the heart of the resort, joins all of the hotel’s public areas. Featuring ceilings lined with bamboo and interiors covered with Indonesian wood, the building includes a reception, a gift shop, a beach restaurant with delicious regional and fusion cuisine, particularly fish, a black and white bar with a telescope and antique furniture where guests can freshen up after lying in the hot blazing sun, as well as a reading and play room for rainy afternoons. The swimming pool lined with the restaurant and facing the Indic turns this space into one of the properties’ landmark. Inspired by the colonial spirit, the hotel’s interiors include Mozambican furniture and handicrafts as well as many copper objects, rugs in warm colours and furniture displaying the discreet charm of a bygone era.

The villas were designed to provide the utmost privacy and discretion, decorated with fabrics and colours in harmony with the natural environment that perfectly blend a classical, elegant style with exotic touches. Extremely comfortable and in different colours according to their typology, the Sentidos Beach Retreat’s 12 villas are extremely private and include panoramic views over a skyline that transforms into a blend of amazing reds in the warm African sunset. Separated from the main building by a wooden bridge set on stakes with little lanterns that are lit after sunset, the hotel and villas’ architecture complies with the region’s sustainability rules, matching exotic wood with local construction materials. Aside from a private pool, rooms include state-of-the-art comforts: luxurious mattresses, high quality bed sheets, air conditioning and ceiling fans, bathrooms with first class amenities by Africology, bathtub and or shower and much more.

5 Beach Villas with sea view, measuring 54 sqm, these villas include modern, more solid lines softened by turquoise and pink pastel shades. These also offer access to and views over the Indian Ocean. One King sized bed and a second room with a bathtub which invites for long lasting baths overlooking the sea. Also features a terrace with an outside shower. A cradle may be included in the room. Extra bed is not allowed.

5 Family Beach Villas with sea view, 54 sqm in shades of dark blue, white and wood. With access to and views over the ocean, these villas were designed to provide you and your family with the utmost comfort. One King sized bed and two single beds. May include a cradle. Extra bed is not allowed. A charming terrace is also part of the room overlooking Barra Beach.

2 Luxury Beach Villas with sea view, 68 sqm of pure luxury and premium finishings, with views over the ocean, these villas include extremely refined details, including a King size bed, an in room jacuzzi facing the ocean, as well as a shower a large seating area in warm and sensual colours. The large balcony is a charm for itself including an outside shower. May include a cradle. Extra bed is not allowed.

Hours of self-indulgence are the best antidote against extreme fatigue. For a perfect de-stressing we recommend diving, afternoon naps, refreshing coconut drinks, followed by a massage, and others. The resort offers a set of activities for our more adventurous clients: diving and snorkelling in crystal clear water where the main attractions are seahorses, stingrays and whale sharks, horseback riding along deserted beaches, kayaking in the lagoon, boat and motorcycle rides, as well as deep sea fishing with a local fisherman. During the African winter (European summer) it is possible to witness the extraordinary whale migration.

Guests can make the most of a gym equipped with state-of-the-art machines and a panoramic view over the lagoon. After the workout the options are the outdoor swimming pool or a massage in the privacy of your bedroom or other area of your preference.

The hotel organizes visits to nearby villages, where guests can enjoy dinner with the locals, as well as tours to Kruger National Park, a famous safari park in South Africa.

Additionally, the resort’s tropical boutique includes beach clothing, sunscreen and small Mozambican handicrafts, as well as a babysitting service and Kids Club.

On Africa’s eastern coast, Mozambique is currently one of the world’s trendiest destinations. With an immense, almost unexplored coastline, alternating fishing villages with their poor, native huts and beach resorts with high sustainability standards, the country offers wildlife, wonderful fish and seafood, century-old habits and traditions, as well as beaches to enjoy all year round (though the best months are from April to September as these are the driest).

Barra Beach, in north-eastern Mozambique, is considered one the world’s best diving spots. Coconut trees, white sandy beaches, seahorses, tepid water, and only 20 km from the local aerodrome, are the main attractions offered by this beach paradise, which can be the starting point for other excursions, such as the colonial centre of Inhambane village (20km away), the Pomene natural reserve (60km away), Coconut Bay (to the South) and other attractions located nearby. To see lions, buffalos, giraffes and crocodiles, guests can travel a little farther and visit Gorongosa Park (700 km away) which is once again home to wildlife that had fled due to the Mozambican civil war; or the renowned Kruger Park, on the other side of the border, in South Africa, approximately 600 km away.