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Thousands of people flock to Mozambique annually. The pristine coastline, lush vegetation and of course warm waters and flourishing coral reefs offer a holiday in paradise.

Mozambique GSA offers tourists wishing to visit these popular shores, the chance to do so through negotiated discount rates and tailor made packages. Professional and comprehensive holiday and corporate packages through Mozambique GSA provide great deals on accommodation and travel.



Mozambique packages offer tourists the chance to visit some of the most interesting, memorable places in Mozambique. Mozambique packages with Mozambique GSA, offer accommodation at island resorts and hotels in various areas.

Mozambique packages with Mozambique GSA allow families, friends, couples or corporate groups to make the most out of discounted accommodation and airline rates. Packages are also tailor made to accommodate the needs of guests.

By saving money through Mozambique packages, tourists are able to make the most of their holiday. Depending on the reason for the visit to Mozambique, different areas and resorts are ideal for certain activities or occasions.

Mozambique holidays are certainly a chance to explore and experiment with numerous activities both on- land and in the water. With tourists visiting Mozambiquian shores throughout the year (popular times are in December, January and April) this tropical holiday accommodates people of all ages.

  • Snorkeling
  • Scuba diving
  • Watersports (motorized and non- motorized)
  • Fishing
  • Sunset Cruises
  • Dhow excursions
  • Horse riding and horse trails
  • Cultural drives
  • Bird watching
  • Whale and dolphin watching

Mozambique accommodation compliments the adventure and excitement of this paradise. Depending on where guests choose to stay, luxury and pure indulgence await each guest.

For more information on Mozambique packages or to book accommodation, contact Mozambique GSA on +27 11 476 4143 or +27 83 299 4321