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Any sort of holiday to Mozambique allows tourists the chance to indulge in some of the most treasured shores in Africa. A holiday to this adventure filled country offers more than just lazy days on the beach. In fact with warm waters being as tempting as they are, and everything else resembling paradise, tourists will feel encouraged to do as much as possible.

Holidays in Mozambique come with much planning, as do all holidays. However, when visiting these pristine waters, it is vital that all tourists take cautionary steps against Malaria. Most resorts and hotels in Mozambique ensure that guests are as protected as possible when in the accommodation but being extra cautious won’t hurt.

Malaria is a risk throughout Mozambique. There are areas where mosquitoes are few due to the precautions that have been taken by the Mozambique accommodation itself. Spraying systems have been introduced to many island resorts and air conditioning assists in reducing the amount of mosquitoes that enter the accommodation.

For those who are worried about Malaria in Mozambique and would like a Mosquito free holiday, there is good news. Although with enough precaution taken, the chances of contracting Malaria are drastically reduced, there are island resorts in Mozambique that have no mosquitoes due to the lack of fresh water dams etc.

Quilálea Island Resort and Medjumbe Island Resort offer not only luxury accommodation and views as mesmerising as the coral reefs themselves, but guests can enjoy their Mozambique holiday without the worry of mosquitoes.

It is recommended that family or friends travelling with children are especially cautious and that all recommended pre- cautions are taken.

There are various things that can be done before guests arrive in Mozambique and whilst visiting its magic.

  • Consult a GP about taking Malaria tablets
  • Stock up on mosquito repellent
  • Wear clothing that covers arms, legs, ankles etc.
  • Use mosquito nets (provided at all top Mozambique resorts)
  • Close doors and windows
  • Use mosquito window screens
  • Use fan or air conditioner to keep mosquito activity down a minimum

Accommodation in Mozambique is very prepared with regards to Malaria prevention. With guests coming from all over the world, throughout the year, all accommodation is equipped, so that guests are able to enjoy their time in Mozambique.

To book accommodation in Mozambique or to enquire about various resorts and hotels in Mozambique, contact Mozambique GSA on +27 11 476 4143 or 27 83 299 4321