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With miles of golden sand, dunes and coral reef to be enjoyed, Mozambique is one of the most famous scuba diving spots in the world. The Portuguese culture, exotic foods and pristine underwater wonders are unbelievable. Both above and below the azure water surface, there are unexplored adventures that wait.

The waters are as clear as crystal. Scuba divers can enjoy up to 30m of coral reef. The water temperatures are warm enough to host the biggest, the smallest and the most colorful of creatures. Mozambique offers scuba divers and snorkelers of all levels the chance to play upon some of the most pristine underwater playgrounds in the world. Coral reefs in Mozambique have in fact been compared to those of the Great Barrier Reef.

Both scuba diving and snorkeling in Mozambique offers a glimpse into the underwater world. Nothing is ever the same. Underwater inhabitants come and go throughout the year, as warm water currents sweep through the ocean.

What to expect while scuba diving or snorkeling

Marine life in Mozambique brings color and energy to coral reefs. Tropical fish, manta rays, seahorses, whale sharks, crustaceans and so much more live between the soft and hard corals and sea anemones on the coral reefs.

Whether you are looking to scuba dive or snorkel in the Southern Mozambique area, Pemba area, Quirimbas Archipelago, Bazaruto Archipelago or Vilanculos area, Mozambique will imprint itself in your mind forever.

Some of the most beautiful scuba diving and snorkeling spectacles are around Bazaruto Archipelago. Five out of eight of the world’s turtles can be found drifting through this area. Some popular scuba diving spots include Bridle Bass Ridge where you can hover 18m below the surface with Angelfish, Rubberlips, Brindle Bass and Reef Sharks. Manta Ray Reef, 15m down houses an array of clownfish and anenome. Two Mile Reef is popular for its snorkeling inside the reef and scuba diving on the outskirts. Zenguelema Reef exhibits a 21m platform of Reef Fish, Scorpion Fish, Crocodile Fish and Stone Fish.

To book a scuba diving or snorkeling holiday in Mozambique, contact Mozambique GSA ON +27 11 476 4143 OR +27 83 299 4321.

Ideal times to scuba dive in Mozambique

Scuba Diving conditions are great all year round. If it is floating with a Manta Ray or Whaleshark that you want, then October to April would be the best time. From June to October, the Humpback Whale makes his presence known. Whale sightings are popular from the shore or off a boat. Water temperatures are between an inviting 20ºC and 28ºC in January.

Whether it’s swimming with dolphins or snorkeling and skimming the enchanting ocean surface, gearing up to come face to face with razor white teeth or the angelic, graceful movements of fish fins, Mozambique has it all. This special piece of the earth’s perfection retains its humble offerings. Mozambique boasts some of the world’s most beautiful ocean life.

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