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Top 7 choices for accommodation in Mozambique, during December

If you have found yourself gazing out of your office window, putting your car keys into the fridge or driving home on auto- pilot, then perhaps it’s time to book your next holiday. Although we are only roughly half way through 2012, why not stat planning your December holiday to Mozambique?

Being a popular yet extremely private and luxury holiday destination, Mozambique offers worlds of fun, scenery and luxury. If Mozambique is to be the December holiday spot of choice for you, this year, then we suggest you get your accommodation bookings in during the next month or so. No matter where in Mozambique you want to visit, one thing is for sure: this holiday paradise books up quickly.

Special offers are tough to come by during Peak Season when looking for accommodation in Mozambique however Mozambique GSA offer discounted rates all year round, at various resorts around Mozambique. Whether it is pristine coral reefs you are wishing to explore or simple but elegant stretches of ocean and bush horizon you are dreaming of, Mozambique GSA offers a plethora of accommodation in Mozambique that is well priced, all year round. Some of our December accommodation suggestions include:

Depending on which accommodation in Mozambique you choose, some of the resorts, such as Barra Lodge and Flamingo Bay require a minimum of a 7 night stay during the peak seasons. Guests wishing to stay at Pestana Inhaca Lodge, situated in Southern Mozambique will need to endure the luxury accommodation, ongoing views and sheer bliss for a minimum of 4 nights during peak season.

December brings with it the festivities of being on leave, having time to spend with family and friends and enjoying the remaining time of the year. Now imagine doing all of this whilst waking up in luxury accommodation in Mozambique, snorkeling with tropical fish, quad biking, horse riding, sightseeing… or simply relaxing!

Start planning your December holiday and book your accommodation in Mozambique early to avoid disappointment.