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Snorkelling Hot Spots in Mozambique
12th October 201820th October 2018

Snorkelling Hot Spots in Mozambique

Mozambique is synonomous with good food, sandy white beaches and excellent diving and snorkelling. With a 2500 km long coastline and numerous islands, Mozambique is the ideal snorkelling destination. The ocean water is subject to the warm Agulhas current, and even beginners can experience amazing underwater sights. There are some well known reefs, but plenty...

Our Top 5 spots in Mozambique for Unique Honeymoon Treats !
28th September 201812th October 2018

Our Top 5 spots in Mozambique for Unique Honeymoon Treats !

Of all the holidays you may plan and go on in your life, your Honeymoon will always be one of the most memorable! Very often it is the little things that make your Honeymoon special and memorable. We visited some of the top resorts in Mozambique to find out about the exceptional Honeymoon treats and...

23rd June 201117th August 2018

Tropical Mozambique and luxury accommodation

Mozambique holidays are certainly one of the best ways to rejuvenate, relax and have fun. The tropical shores extend over 2500km allowing guests to enjoy peace and serenity as accommodation is so spread out.

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