Snatch up a dream Mozambique holiday package in 2018

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Snatch up a dream Mozambique holiday package in 2018

Exquisite Mozambique holiday packages anyone?

Do or say what you will but in the new year, we think a trip to sunny Mozambique is exactly what the doctor ordered.

When it comes to planning for the perfect vacation, the possible cost of it all can quite literally, induce a headache.

The human brain thinks; unlike with camping or a short getaway to another province or to one of our own coastal cities in South Africa, a vacation planned in another country, footsteps away from the ocean, with breath-taking Mozambique holiday accommodation, will cost an arm and a leg.

It doesn’t have to.

We at Mozambique Islands are in the business of taking away YOUR stress of holiday-planning and ensuring that we make the entire experience something you and yours will never forget, not in this lifetime anyway.

If you dream of vacationing in Mozambique over the 2018 festive season, 10 months of planning and saving makes that dream realistic and 100% feasible.

Here are a few tips on how to achieve your Mozambique holiday accommodation dream

  1. Research, research, research.

Doing a little reading or YouTube streaming or Googling of the location you would like to visit is an important first step to determining your travel budget and travel dates.

Different parts of the same country can present varied tourism experiences and because you know what you like and dislike, you would know what Mozambique package would be best suited.

  1. Peak vs. Shoulder vs. Off-peak Travel Season.

Some of the best vacation deals come from choosing to travel when 1. Everybody else isn’t or 2. The weather conditions seem to oppose your beach bum and multicoloured cocktails at sunset daydreams.

In a country like Mozambique, where our weather is ALWAYS awesome, your only concern when analysing travel seasons should be for cost, not comfort.

Your comfort with our Mozambique packages is always guaranteed.

  1. Put a little bit away over time.

A vacation brings a variety of expenses; both expected and unexpected. Putting some money aside, each month, leading up to your intended travel dates will help to cover some of the smaller costs you had not factored in. It will also help alleviate the pressure on your credit card during your 10-day stay (per se).

Planning for your holiday does not have to be a soul crushing exercise.

Our team can tailor a Mozambique package to fit your budget and your luxury expectations, no matter what they are.

With Mozambique holiday accommodation deals like the recently refurnished, uber chic, uber luxurious &Beyond Benguerra in the Bazaruto Archipelago area, or our quaint stretch of land that makes up the Anantara Medjumbe resort, you have absolutely no excuse to not make Mozambique your destination of choice for a holiday in 2018.

If you get in touch with our team at the right time, you may just get extra lucky and snatch up one of our incredible “last minute” specials especially for South African residents – great savings and a great deal.

Have a quick quote drummed up or contact us to handle the holiday planning hassle, while you spend your time finding ways to curb your pre-holiday excitement.