Seal it with a honeymoon in Mozambique

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Seal it with a honeymoon in Mozambique

The look of ‘marriage’ is changing. Couples are getting married younger, some are planning weekday weddings and others are even coordinating nuptials that begin after the sun has set.

With all that love in the air and the unconventional takes on weddings these days, we think it’s about time that the post-nuptials celebration took on a feel of something new and something coastal; like a honeymoon in Mozambique.

Hello to sundowners on the shore, to breezy ocean views from scenic resort rooms and to an experience of the rich cultural and historical value of the Portuguese and Arabic influence. This round up of your love story can be perfectly comprised of all the beauties Mozambique has on offer.

At Mozambique Islands, we’re in the business of finding the best rates for both fly-in and on land holiday packages that will fully cater to the whims and delights of any newly-wed couple. The working experience and knowledge of the country by our staff is unmatched. We have been tailoring and surpassing romantic expectations since South Africa gained its independence and we continue to offer that same quality 23 years on.

A stay in a gorgeous White Pearl Resorts Beach Pool Suite is the epitome of prime sophistication with its white sand beaches, a private sun deck and an offering of a plunge pool, for an evening dip or three.

If your travel needs are swaying towards a stay in the northern part of this beautiful country, a booking at Azura Quilálea will suit and possibly even surpass your honeymoon in Mozambique experience. The definition of privacy and exclusivity lies in this unique lodge, with its 9 private Villas and its perfect balance between luxury and wildlife adventure.

Another love-nest stay in the northern Quirimbas Archipelago area could be Anantara Medjumbe Island Resort. This little piece of heaven sits quaintly at only 1 kilometer in length and 500 meters in width. Indoor shower, outdoor shower, private plunge pool right on the beach plus a private dinner for two on beach; the options during your stay are plentiful.

The dynamics of the perfect honeymoon have changed. Couples are looking for an experience that goes beyond romance and time spent alone. More and more emphasis is being placed on being newly-wed and ticking off a bucket list- together.  Essentially, a honeymoon is the perfect excuse to take time off and invest in the getaway you’d otherwise never splurge. The fact that you’re going on it with the love of your life is a definite bonus.

Planning your honeymoon is the ultimate #GetawayGoals. Poolside lounging, a joint spa experience, crazy indulgence in local cuisine to make up for all the months of eating healthy in preparation for the wedding day. One of our resorts should tickle your honeymoon fancy in more ways than four.

Even if your wedding day isn’t beckoning just yet, check our gallery of resorts to ensure you plan the perfect honeymoon in Mozambique, for you and your forever.

Whatever your budget; we know the country; its hotels and resorts intimately and we can offer a superior service and excellent advice. Contact our team to help you realise your Moz dreams.