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Mozambique offers visitors such an array of activities and entertainment that it is definitely seen as the ideal holiday destination on the East Coast of Africa.

All about Mozambique

The Republic of Mozambique is bordered inland by Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland and South Africa, Mozambique is the perfect gateway to Africa in terms of safaris and game-drives. However, the fact that Mozambique is bordered by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean on the East, has small islands scattered offshore, and boasts a stunning tropical climate means that many who enter Mozambique for a holiday will never want to venture beyond her shores.
What to do on holiday in Mozambique

Many of the activities available while on holiday in Mozambique involve water sports, due to the large appeal that the warm waters have on those who venture to coastal regions for their annual holidays. Activities below the water include snorkeling and scuba diving, while activities above the water encompass relaxing sunset cruises and whale watching. Other exciting activities include skiing; deep-sea fishing; and windsurfing. Land-based activities are also available, and include bird watching; dune boarding; cultural tours; horse riding and quad biking.

Companies such as Mozambique Islands GSA can assist holidaymakers in finding a recreational activity that suits them – leading those who are looking for adventure and those who are looking for peace and quiet to find an activity that satiates their needs while on holiday in Mozambique.
Where do I book?

Mozambique is so diverse, and as a holiday destination it is definitely recommended. For amazing specials and highly competitive rates, contact Mozambique Islands GSA today at 011 476 4143 or email INFO@MOZAMBIQUEISLANDS.COM. Visit their website, and make use of the online quote form to take your first step in ensuring that your holiday to Mozambique is perfect.