Beach holidays in Mozambique; tropical sunsets and luxury waves

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Besides the relaxation factor, beach holidays offer fun for people of all ages. The smell of suntan lotion, the packed beach picnic, the waves, the breeze blowing ocean spray and the sand underneath your feet; the feeling of being on the beach is like no other.

Beach holidays in Mozambique offer relaxation in all aspects. Whether it is world- class scuba diving that you seek or daily leisure, Mozambique holidays are in each shape and form, a true spectacle.

The very best beach holidays in Mozambique



Considering that Mozambique is a tropical paradise, beach holidays can be enjoyed in a number of areas. Mozambique GSA offers keen travelers complete tailor made packages to the resort of choice. With a number of island and mainland resorts, beach holidays in Mozambique offer as much variety as they do luxury.


Island resorts

Besides the all round beauty that Mozambique holidays offer, some of the best beaches to go to in Mozambique are on the islands.

v  Indigo Bay Island resort

v  Ibo Island Resort

v  Matemo Island Resort

v  Medjumbe Island Resort

v  Quilálea Island Resort

v  Vamizi Island Resort

Beach holiday accommodation on these islands is available in various forms. Whether you are planning a romantic getaway or a family holiday the variety of chalets, beachfront chalets, Villas and Executive Villas will certainly exceed any tourist’s expectations.

Mainland resorts

The magnificent stretches of beach along the mainland, quite easily match the beauty of the island beaches. Situated some distance from the main towns, Mozambique holidays further up north offer pristine beaches and secluded accommodation.

North of Inhambane, towards Vilanculos and around the Pemba area, guests can enjoy luxury chalets, fine dining and an abundance of activities. Ocean and land activities offer everyone days fun in Mozambique.

Beach holidays in Mozambique are an inviting time away from the stress of everyday life. The remote beach accommodation provides the tranquility that is so often needed on any holiday.

Mozambique GSA works closely with all clients to ensure that the right accommodation and travel requirements are organised.

With much experience and expertise with Mozambique as a destination, the staff at Mozambique GSA assist tourists in organizing the details for varieties of dream beach holidays.