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With such a checkered past, Mozambique has managed to blossom into what is possibly one of the most beautiful places in the world. There are a number of reasons for this. The ocean provides a true paradise for any scuba diver, fisherman, sun- tanner or casual tourist. The landscape is a spectacle on its own and the Mozambican culture is rich and colorful.

History of Mozambique

Of course this beautiful country wasn’t always as tropical as it is today. The San were the first inhabitants in Mozambique. Throughout the first and forth centuries AD, Bantu speaking people migrated into Mozambique from the north.

Eventually in 1498, Portuguese explorers reached Mozambique. Trading posts along the coast had been up for centuries. Shortly after the Portuguese settled in Mozambique these trading posts and forts became regular ports on the new route to the East. Years later traders seeking slaves and gold moved inland. The Portuguese influence and control slowly increased. In 1885 there were enough Portuguese inhabitants to declare Mozambique a formal colony known as Portuguese East Africa.

Mozambique achieved independence in 1975 and the Frelimo government was put in place. During the 1980’s a civil war broke out while a movement to overthrow the Frelimo regime was organized. The anti- Frelimo group became stronger with the support of South Africa. The Frelimo government took on a new constitution that provided improvements in individual rights and freedom of speech. In 1992 the civil war came to an end and in 1994 Mozambique’s first multiparty elections were held.

Going on holiday to Mozambique

Over the years, Mozambique has rejuvenated itself into one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Southern Hemisphere. With a number of holiday and diving resorts, it is considered a “must visit” for many people all over the world. With warm tropical weather, endless, white beaches and colorful land and ocean animals, Mozambique provides a never ending list of fun in the sun.

Accommodation in Mozambique gives guests the chance to soak up some luxury whilst experiencing the very best in outdoor activities, water sports, Mozambican culture and fun with family and friends.

Mozambique GSA provides customers’ tailor- made packages to best suit their needs. With over 20 different resorts to choose from in Mozambique, holidays in Mozambique are both luxurious and memorable. Besides the sea, sand, delicious Mozambican prawns, and photographic views that all make Mozambique the spectacle that it is, there are an abundance of outdoor activities to keep busy with. Holidays in Mozambique will turn any guest into a water fanatic. With so many water sports to choose from, who needs to know the time?

  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Water Skiing
  • Para- sailing
  • Knee- boarding
  • Tubing
  • Water- snaking
  • Dhow Cruises
  • Wind Surfing
  • Catamaran Sailing
  • Ocean Ski Paddling
  • Fishing and so much more

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Despite the difficult past that the country has endured, Mozambique certainly is turning heads and attracting tourists from all over the globe. Holidays in Mozambique provide the tropical adventure that so many people return back to.

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