Londo Lodge

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Overview Of Resort

NOTE: LONDO LODGE IS CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. Not only that, the owners – Mr Peter-Jan Hulsebosch (also the founder of Beeboxx in the Netherlands) and Mrs Evelijn Hulsebosch-Leon have absconded with Travel Agent & Tour Operator’s money. Guests booked at the resort could not stay due to Generator and other problems, and although the owners promised full refunds, none were forthcoming.  We had guests booked here for their honeymoon, which would have been ruined if we had not managed to salvage this by booking them in at the last minute at Medjumbe Private Island, so although we naturally cannot recommend Londo Lodge to any guests, due to this terribly unprofessional and criminal behaviour, we can gladly recommend other resorts in the area!

Please CONTACT US for details of some amazing specials at Medjumbe Private Island, or Azura Quilalea

Londo Lodge

With an exclusive private beach, superb game fishing, fly fishing, scuba diving near coral reefs right in front of the resort, mangrove rivers, lush vegetation, abundant small game and a stunning birdlife amidst the true virgin Indian ocean coastline of Mozambique, Londo Lodge offers the opportunity to truly enjoy a well deserved break from hectic life.

The latest up-market development in northern Mozambique, Londo Lodge is situated on the southern border of the Quirimbas, just north of Pemba town.

The focus of this luxury resort is on privacy, exclusivity, superb food and multiple leisure facilities. The Resort offers 6 villas, with versatile sleeping facilities with either two twin beds or king size beds. Children are welcome.

The breathtaking Quirimbas archipelago in Cabo Delgado Province, Northern Mozambique, is a captivating chain of 32 islands. These idyllic islands stretch from the city of Pemba in the south to the town of Palma in the north with pristine white sandy beaches along the entire Indian Ocean coastline.

Enjoy a truly unique African holiday in the last unspoilt area of the Indian Ocean coast. Mozambique has the charm and hospitality of a truly authentic and tropical romantic style: Enjoy stunning sunsets and dine on lobster, coconuts and delicious cocktails.

  • 6 thatched villas with en suite bathrooms with indoor and outdoor showers.
  • All villas have a private tea deck with ocean and sunset views and the convenience of in house dining.
  • The main facility area has a restaurant, pool bar and first floor cigar bar where you will enjoy breathtaking views of the Pemba bay area. The adjacent pool is right on the cliff edge next to the pool bar where guests can enjoy a wide variety of cocktails.
  • Londo Lodge is a magnificent honeymoon resort where guests can enjoy a sunset dhow cruise, a romantic lunch on a deserted beach or have a candlelit dinner on their private deck.
  • A number of activities are on offer, such as diving, snorkeling, deep sea fishing, a cliff edge spa & massage center, waterskiing, canoeing, bush walks, dhow cruises and mangrove river trips.
  • Londo Lodge is just a 15 min speed boat trip away from Pemba town. Helicopter charters available on request.



Londo Lodge is closed at present. Please contact us for other resorts in the area.



Testimonials / feedback from guests

“Dear Laura

Firstly I would like to thank you for the incredible arrangements you made to salvage our honeymoon and make it a truly unforgettable experience. Medjumbe was a stunning destination, and we were very happy. Eliseu and the staff were spectacular, and you can extend our gratitude to Karin for the special arrangements made so very last minute to accommodate us.
As for our disappointment with Londo Lodge. I would like to clear this up as soon as possible, and for your information I will here list some of our grievances to also give you a clear understanding of our experience there.

When we arrived in Pemba, there was no one with a name card or any Londo Lodge identification to greet us. So eventually we started asking around, and found Michael, who was waiting for us (with no identification and didn’t know our names) and I only felt comfortable since I read his name as the chef in one of the online reviews. Coincidentally, he was still looking for two other people, but after 30 minutes decided we would continue without them.

We also realized only after we had left that Michael was not aware that it was our honeymoon!  This was very curious since I was under the impression we would be received on our honeymoon package.

So again, we did not sign in anywhere during our arrival, our names were not mentioned anywhere and no bottle of wine on arrival (which was part of the original honeymoon package). None of the other honeymoon options seemed even remotely possible.

Then, after we went to the villa, we realized that there is no running water or electricity. Upon our inquiry, Michael informed us that the generator was broken (and had been broken for 2 days) and that the owners were aware of the situation. So we only had a bucket of water to bathe with and no electricity.

With the generator being broken, the other facilities at Londo was also affected, namely the kitchen and fridge, which meant no cold drinks/beer, no ice, and limited food selection.

Also the pool was dirty and unusable.

So Michael made us a reasonable dinner under the circumstances, which we were grateful for. (I will only briefly mention the baby housecats at our feet, which was also a little strange to see.) When Eulogy asked for a soft drink, she went to the bar where the deep freeze (which was not working) was, and only a few soft drinks were in there – literally 2 bottles of Sprite and a Coca-cola. This seemed strange for a Lodge that were expecting guests. After dinner, we asked for coffee, which was not available, because there was no stock.

The next day we received breakfast at the villa (since we were the only guests there) which again under the circumstances were very acceptable (but corn flakes and diced banana is not the kind of thing we expected). When we tried to find Michael, Balissimo (the bartender) informed us he was still sleeping, and that the repair work on the generator was still going on. This was around 10:30 am.

We then tried to make a few phone calls. Londo has no such facility apparently, so we used the talk time from one of the staff members (as the Lodge cellphone had no credit left for us to call with.) So after calling you and informing you of the situation, we tried to make further enquiries as to the status of the repair work and whether they could rectify the situation.
At 11:00am we asked Ballisimo to wake up Michael, since we needed to have someone to communicate with the staff and repair guys. When he came down, he seemed very ill, (he mentioned he might have malaria) and then went to investigate the status of the generator.

After we were served a very limited salad lunch again, we got the message about a possible transfer and started making these arrangements. At this time, Michael himself said he felt it was better, as they could not provide us with adequate service. Also, the repair guys working on the generator returned with us to Pemba, as another part was needed to fix it. So it would have been another day at least before the generator would be repaired. When we got in the boat to get back across to Pemba, the boat would not start and they had to jump start it with a piece of rope. Luckily it worked, and we got back to Pemba on time.”

Nicol van Dyk – (traveled to Londo Lodge in May 2013)

Mozambique GSA sent this letter to the owners of Londo Lodge, and we did receive an answer from Mr PJ Hulsebosch, with the following:

“We will obviously pay for the extra costs that are being made due to this very unfortunate event. We feel very responsible for these guests and do hope that Medjumbe can wash away the generator problems here at Londo Lodge.”

Sadly the above was NOT forthcoming, and we are STILL waiting for the promised funds more than a year later!!! Fortunately the guests Honeymoon was not spoilt, as they had a wonderful time at Medjumbe! But only due to the actions of Mozambique GSA.


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