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Overview Of Resort

On December 12, 2012, a wildfire originating in the bush surrounding Marlin Lodge Mozambique spread to the property causing damage to some of the lodge’s suites as well as the lodge’s main building. All guests were safely and promptly evacuated and relocated to other properties on the island.

Following this incident, Marlin Lodge is currently CLOSED and reconstruction and refurbishment is scheduled to commence. A confirmed opening date of the lodge will be communicated soonest.

Please contact us for options at neighbouring resorts, like Azura Benguerra, or Anantara Bazaruto Island Resort & Spa.

We will continue to keep clients informed on the progress of the refurbishment, and we look forward to welcoming you back to the new and improved Marlin Lodge.



In a National Marine Park in Mozambique, lies an archipelago of offshore islands known as The Bazaruto Archipelago. There are three main islands known as Margaruque, Benguerra and Bazaruto. On the second largest island of Benguerra lies an exciting getaway destination known as Marlin Lodge.

Benguerra Island was originally named “Santa Antonio” by Portuguese explorers and was later named “Benguerra” after a local Tribal chief. The island is approximately 11km in length and 5,5km wide and lies 14km offshore from the mainland and the town of Vilankulo.



Situated along the beach of Flamingo Bay, Marlin Lodge is constructed from hardwood, and is an elevated structure on stilts with deck platforms, cement-clad brick walls and thatched roofs. Wooden walkways connect the seventeen chalets to the main areas. All Chalets have en-suite bathrooms and are air-conditioned, and have overhead fans.

Hot and cold running water is supplied from a well about one kilometer from the lodge. The water is purified through a filter system and is safe to drink.

The main complex of the lodge consists of a restaurant, bar and a fresh-water swimming pool, set in a glade of Coconut and Ilala palms. The restaurant serves a full English breakfast, buffet lunch and a sumptuous dinner.

Dinners range from semi-formal in the dining room, to tables laid out on the beach at the end of an avenue of palm fronds and flaming torches.



For the Birding enthusiasts, approximately 164 different birds have been identified and confirmed on theisland in habitats varying from the coastal dunes, open grasslands and fresh water lakes to savannah and acacia woodlands.

Just to name a few of the more unusual birds to be seen are the Green coucals, Green pigeons, Purple banded and Black sunbirds, Lilac breasted rollers, Olive bee-eaters, Mannikins, Paradise flycatchers, Fish eagles, Flamingoes, Starlings and various waders such as Curlews, Bartailed godwits, Whimbrels and Crab plovers.

Other animals to be seen are the plentiful Red-tailed squirrels, Suni and Duiker, which have been re-introduced to the island.

The Dugongs are the most spectacular of the marine mammals. This mythical mermaid, “The original Sirenia” which was supposed to have beckoned woman-hungry sailors onto the rocks to their doom. Dugongs are normally encountered in family groups of about five animals, grazing on marine grass meadows found in sheltered bays.

There are five species of dolphins found in the area and they can often be seen frolicking around the sandbanks or lazily swimming past the front of Marlin Lodge. In deeper waters Humpback whales can be seen in the summer months.

The Archipelago is a shell collector’s haven. At our North point, Pansy Island andnumerous surrounding sandbanks, many of the famous “Pansy shells” can be seen. There are two types of these shells, one of which is endemic to Mozambique.

The two fresh water lakes on the island are ideal for bird watching or just relaxing your time away.


Getting there

Scheduled flights depart regularly from Johannesburg International Airport to Vilankulo on the mainland. Clients can also travel by road to Vilankulo.


From the airport it is a 10-Minute drive with our own Marlin Lodge Mini bus to the harbor, from there, guests are taken to the lodge by boat. The transfer time by boat ranges from 20 – 25 minutes subject to tides & weather conditions.



Motorised Watersports

  • Water skiing
  • Para-sailing
  • Kneeboarding
  • Tubing
  • Watersnaking

Non-Motorised Watersports

  • Wind surfing
  • Catamaran Sailing
  • Ocean Ski paddling

All free of charge.

Scuba Diving
Marlin Lodge has a fully equipped Dive Centre. There are numerous reefs to explore including the well-known Two-Mile Reef with stunning arrays of coral, fish species, rays, turtles and, if lucky, dugongs. Diving courses may be completed at the Lodge and resort courses are offered.

Activities / Excursions at Marlin Lodge

Diving and Snorkeling at Marlin Lodge

Rates Quoted in American Dollar
The warm tropical waters surrounding the archipelago support a stunning variety of fish, coral, marine mammals and plants. Water temperatures range from 28 degrees Celsius in summer (30 degrees between December and February) to 22 degrees Celsius during the winter months.
Two Mile Reef At the northern point of Benguera Island, a narrow channel, the Gap separates the archipelago’s second largest island from its northern neighbor Bazaruto Island.The reef is some three kilometers from the Gap. Duration:
Two hours,
12 – 22 m

Home Reef
Approximately 800 meters from the Lodge.Explore our own man made reef comprising of a sunken yacht and tractor. See our resident potato bass and various other reef and game fish species.Aquarium (Low Tide Only)
One hour,
10 – 12 m

Aquarium (low tide only)
A pool within Two Mile Reef features an amazing variety of fish and spectacular hard and soft coral.The best SNORKELING spot along the Mozambique coast.
Two hours,
05 – 07 m

Five Mile Reef
Located at the southern point of Bazaruto island with a similar reef structure as Two Mile Reef.
Two hours,
08 – 20 m

Magaruque Express (drift dive)

Located to the south of Benguera Island and separated by a narrow channel.
Channel Reef protect amongst others, Stone Fish and Moray Eels. Duration:
Two hours,
12 – 16 m
Deep Hole off the eastern shores of the island attracts schools of Barracuda and Stumpnose. Duration:
Two hours,
28 m
Drift diving with mild to strong current. Duration:
Two hours,
12 – 16 m
Cabo San Sebastaio A rocky reef just off the island’s southern tip with Moray Eels, Manta Rays and Whale Sharks sited frequently.This reef offers the best diving areas in the vicinity and is a Deep Diver’s Dream!There is also a huge reef to allow shallow diving. Duration:
Full day
20 – 40 m
Two dives
08 – 18 m

Bazaruto North Point
With 37 kilometers of reef, this island has several excellent diving sites.
Four hours,
08 – 20 m

House Reef
Approximately three kilometers from the Lodge, this reef is a popular spot for novice as well as night dives.
Two hours,
08 – 12 m

Light House and Turtle Reef
Large potholes eroded into the rock shelves of Light House Reef off the northern end of the island.
Full day,
12 – 25 m
Two dives,
12 – 25 m
Diving and Snorkelling Rates Per Person  


US $
Scuba : per dive (minimum two divers) $ 37.00
Five dives $ 158.00
Double tank dive $ 63.00
Refresher dive in the swimming pool $ 6.00
Resort course $ 70.00
PADI Certification Course and Advance open water course $ 300.00
Dive at San Sebastiao: (minimum four divers) $ 53.00
HOME REEF $ 25.00
Night dive $ 53.00
Inclusive of equipment, refills and boat charter  
Per trip $ 27.00
On the reef in front of the lodge Free of Charge
Excluding Mozambican sales tax  
The “Catch and Release” Policy is supported regarding game fishing
Game Fishing
Boat: Marlin One, Two and Three / Real Magic ” 22 foot Nova Cat”The Bazaruto Archipelago is ranked as the best Marlin angling destination in the eastern Indian Ocean. The all Africa record for Black Marlin (590kg/1298lb) was landed in these waters in Nov 98, while the average weight is 350kg/770lb. A 5.3/11.6lb Garfish-a pending world record was hooked in Dec.Best months: October – MarchMarlin Angling DestinationMaximum 6 anglers on rotating basis

$ 30.00 per hour *
Boat charter, Skipper, gilly and Tackle (Excluding Fuel)

$ 320.00 For 6 hours
Fuel included

$ 450.00 for 9 hours
Fuel included
$ 30.00
per hour there after

Boat: Marlin One, Two and Three / Real Magic ” 22 foot Nova Cat”
The average weight for Sailfish is 32kg/70,4lb while the record in these waters is 59,9kg/118,5lb. Other species to challenge are: several Tuna species, Wahoo, Prodigal son, Yellow fin, Skipjack, Dorado, Giant Kingfish, Barracuda, King and Queen MackerelBest months: May – September , Abundant in July and August, April – AugustMaximum 6 anglers on rotating basis
$ 30.00 per hour * Boat charter, Skipper, gilly and Tackle (Fuel not included)  
$ 320.00 for 6 hours Fuel included  

$ 450.00 for 9 hours
Fuel included
$ 30.00
per hour there after
Saltwater Fly Fishing  
Boat : Macarena ” 26 foot butt Cat”Catches include Queenfish of up to 13kg/28,6lb, Ladyfish of over 8kg/17,6lb, Bonefish, Pompano and Several Kingfish species. King – and Queen Mackerel of up to 10kg/22lb and Giant Ingnoblis in excess of 20kg/44lb has been caught on fly. Fly fishing at Kingfish Alley – the narrow channels between Bazaruto and Benguera and Benguera and Magaruque Island is unsurpassed. Five to six mile reefs are ideal spots for off- shore FlyfishingBest months: March – JulyMaximum 6 anglers on rotating basis

$ 27.00 per hour

Boat charter, Skipper, gilly and Tackle (Fuel not included)
Queenfish, Springer, Bonita, Barracuda, Stumpnose, Pompano, Skates, Rays, Sharks and Bonefish in excess of 20kg/44lb (reputedly the largest in the world) and Giant Kingfish are eagerly sought after Best location is at North and South Point on incoming and outgoing tidesBest Months: September – July
* $ 1.20 per litre fuel Angling rates for 2003  

Excursions and Activities

Valid 01 December 2003 – 31 January 2004
Rates quoted in American Dollar and exclude Mozambican Sales Tax (17%)

Water Sport Activities

Per Person
Wind Surfing, Catamaran Sailing f.o.c
Kite Flying, Ocean Ski Paddling f.o.c
Water Skiing 15 minutes, $20.00
Knee-boarding, Water-snaking 15 minutes, $20.00

Include boat hire, fuel and equipment

Sunset Cuise on Catsonova
A leisurely cruise on the 45 foot motor yacht on the tranquil , azure water, surrounding the islands. Enjoy ice cold drinks and tempting snacks while discussing the day’s adventures.
Approx. 2.5 hours
$ 30.00
Pansy Island Excursion  
This island is situated north of Benguera Island and a boat transfer will last approximately half an hour. On arrival, lunch is served under umbrellas and colorful rugs spread on the pure white sandAfter lunch, the fun starts with water sport activities : water ski, knee-board and water snakeThere is also an opportunity to stroll the beach in search of the unique Pansy ShellOne of the two species is found here and is endemic to MozambiqueReturn to the lodge while the sun set spectacularly over the ocean.
Approx. 6 hours $ 250.00
per trip (minimum 7 guests)$ 37.00
per additional guest
Island Tour  
An informative and fun way to explore the exquisite bird life and secret hideaways of this5 x 11,5 km island. Experience a breathtaking view from a dune before a swim in the ocean –

$ 12.00 pp

South Point Picnic or Sundowner excursion only –
$ 5.00 pp
Dhow Sunset Cruise  
Relax while gliding on the clear, calm sea on a traditional fishing boatEnjoy ice cold drinks and a breathtaking sunset over the lagoon.Approx. 1 hour
$ 5.00 pp
Vilanculos Town Tour  
An informative tour accompanied by a local guide ,visiting places of interest, learn about the fascinating history of prominent people and sample some of the local food. Bargain for beautiful sarongs and crafts at the local market before returning to the lodge. Approx. 3 hours $ 10.00 pp  
Day Trip to Paradise Island on Catsonova  
Approx. 8 hours
63.00 pp
Boat TransfersO (one way)  
Vilanculos Harbour $ 60.00
Bazaruto Lodge $ 120.00
Indigo Bay $ 90.00

All water sport activities and excursions are subject to tide changes, weather conditions and a minimum of four guests per excursion



Recommended periods for fishing

  • The best time for Marlin fishing is from mid September to the end of December.
  • The recommended time for Sailfish fishing is from April to August.
  • Smaller game fish can be caught all year round: King Mackerel, Bonito, Travelli, Queen Mackerel and many more.
  • Rock, fly and surf fishing is excellent all year round.
Fishing Boats:


  • 26 Foot “Z” butt Cat

Marlin I and II

  • 22 Foot:”Z” Craft invader Cat
  • Island hopping & excursions: 10 guests

Great White

  • 22 foot Ace-Craft (mono)

Tag & Brag

  • 36 foot Lee Cat

All boat charter rates include: Boat Hire, Skipper, Gilly and fishing tackle. Excludes fuel.

All boats equipped with safety gear, fish finders, GPS and two-way radios. Please note that boats and activities cannot be booked in advance and must be booked at the lodge on a first come first serve basis.

Rod Rental:

A rod, reel and terminal tackle for fly; rock and surf fishing can be rented from the tackle shop. Bait is also available at a nominal charge when in stock.


Day Trips
Day Trips are offered to:

Bazaruto Island, Paradise Island (Sta Carolina), Magaruque Island, Vilankulo on the mainland and Pansy Island (north point of Benguerra Island).

Various island tours, and sunset cruises are also offered.


Map Information

marlin lodge mozambique


Testimonials / feedback from guests

“So 10 out of 10!”
(Mr & Mrs Harding – traveled to Marlin Lodge 04 – 08 May 2011)

“We were blown away by Marlin Lodge, I have never experienced such wonderful service and attention to detail in all my travels.
They pulled out all the stops to make our beach “wedding” wonderful.  I would recommend the lodge to anyone!!!!
Thanks for a great holiday.”
Hazel Quirk (traveled to Marlin Lodge   26 Dec 2010 – 03 Jan 2011)

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